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Sections 98, 99,100,101 and 108 of the Education Act 1999 outline the requirements for Government Schools to follow when establishing voluntary contributions, charges and additional cost items. One requirement is for schools to outline by early December all the costs that parents are likely to incur for the child's education in the following year. All costs have been approved by the School Board.

While the contributions are voluntary, the school relies on these funds to provide curriculum resources and special programs across the school. In 2022 the payment of voluntary contributions provided extra reading resources in classrooms and the library, STEM resources, new student iPads and Literacy Pro licenses.

Outlined in the 2023 Additional Cost Items are our best estimates of the total cost parents may be expected to pay for each year group. To the best of our ability we have estimated costs using historical data and cost indications from suppliers/providers and the amounts listed are the maximum amounts that may be charged for the year.”

The additional costs items should go under the Resource Lists (Booklists) Tab and the ‘Contributions & Charges’ tab in Enrol.

Additional cost items are available below

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