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Woodvale Primary School

Our Boundary.

From the intersection of the Mitchell Freeway and Whitfords Avenue, east along Whitfords Avenue to Timbercrest Rise, north along Timbercrest Rise to Trappers Drive, southeast along Trappers Drive to Timberlane Drive, north along Timberlane Drive to Gascoyne Avenue, southwest along Gascoyne Avenue to Chichester Drive, continuing in a southwesterly direction between Landor Gardens and Standish Way to Montclair Avenue, west along Montclair Avenue to Westhaven Drive, southwest and west along Westhaven Drive to the Mitchell Freeway and south along the Mitchell Freeway to Whitfords Avenue.

The boundary parts of Whitfords Avenue (north side), Trappers Drive (northeast side), Timberlane Drive (both sides), Westhaven Drive (both sides), the Mitchell Freeway (east side) and the boundary streets of Timbercrest Rise (both sides) and Gascoyne Avenue (both sides) are included within the area for Woodvale Primary School while the boundary street of Montclair Avenue (both sides) is excluded from the area for Woodvale Primary School.

The following is an optional area for Woodvale and Halidon Primary Schools:
From the junction of Timbercrest Rise and Whitfords Avenue, east along Whitfords Avenue to Wanneroo Road, north along Wanneroo Road to Woodvale Drive, westsouthwest along Woodvale Drive to Timberlane Drive (at Karri Court), south along Timberlane Drive to Trappers Drive, northwest along Trappers Drive to Timbercrest Rise and south along Timbercrest Rise to Whitfords Avenu.

The boundary parts of Whitfords Avenue (north side), Wanneroo Road (west side), and Woodvale Drive (both sides) are included within the optional are, while the boundary parts of Timberlane Drive (both sides), Trappers Drive (both sides) and the boundary street of Timbercrest Rise (both sides) are excluded form the optional area.

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Any absences need to be advised to the school. Please contact the school if your child will be absent by SMS to 0437 058 031