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Thank you to all parents who voted to elect two new parent representatives to the School Board. Congratulations to Mr Jason Pownall and Mrs Katie Burton who recently joined the board. Thank you to our other parent nominees, Kym Jacobs and Amanda Sachse, we appreciate your nominations and willingness to share your expertise.

The School Board fulfils an important governance role and provide a strong link between the school and the community. All board meetings are open to the public and we welcome parents to attend our meetings.

Parents and caregivers have received an email inviting them to vote in our parent representative election. We encourage all parents to have a say and vote for your representatives on our School Board. The following parents have nominated for the two positions.

Kym Jacobs

Our son, Lukas has just started Kindy at the school, and we have a second son (Joshua) who will start in 2026, so we are going to be with the school for the next decade and a bit. I am the sort of person who likes to be involved in making decisions to benefit others, not sit idly by and complain when things don’t go the way I’d like them to. I am a problem solver by nature, it’s one of my strongest qualities, and I have very good communication and listening skills. As my wife would say, I am a “doer”.

I currently hold a full-time position as a Senior Project Director for a large global engineering consultancy in the city (but work from home mostly). I sit on a company Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Committee and chair a Sub-Committee position. I also hold an Executive Committee position of a not-for-profit organisation, as well as holding another Committee position organising social events for that same organisation. Our eldest daughter is about to complete her primary school journey this year (at a school out of area) and I have been on the P&F of that school for the last 8 years, as well as helping with various tasks around the school (sports day / BBQ lunches / etc).  I believe I would be an asset to the Woodvale School Board.

Jason Pownall

I would like to nominate for a board position at Woodvale Primary School. My name is Jason Pownall and I’m the father of Lacey (yr3) and Charlie (yr1). I’m a chartered accountant with 15+ years of commercial finance experience, where I’ve predominately worked in compliance and governance. I’m currently working for Covalent Lithium as the superintendent financial accounting. I’m keen to get more involved with the school my kids call home and I see this opportunity as a good fit.

Amanda Sachse

My son, Jesse, is currently a student at the school in Year 3, and my daughter will commence Kindergarten next year.  I have a background in corporate marketing and communications, and alongside this, have owned and operated a small electrical/solar business with my husband since 2009. I have diverse experience across finance, governance, operations and marketing that I believe would be an asset to the Board, by way of building and promoting the internal and external profile of the school.

Having lived in the area now for nearly five years, I love the community spirit that Woodvale has, and believe that the school encompasses a huge part of this. I would love the opportunity to be able to contribute to the school community.

Katie Burton

I would like to express my interest in nominating for the school board. I have two children at Woodvale Primary School: one in year 2 and one in pre-primary. My primary reasons for nominating are that I want to make a difference in my community. I believe in quality public education and I have missed the sense of purpose that comes with volunteering (something I haven’t done since becoming a mother).

Some of the skills I can bring to the role are 17 years public sector experience, predominantly in financial management. Therefore, I have strong financial literacy and focus on the proper use of public resources and ethical decision-making. I have stakeholder management experience at all levels (e.g. board members, customers). I am able to build relationships, consult, collaborate, engage, negotiate and influence effectively. This is demonstrated by my current role as Project Manager for the WA Health ERP Project; a digital transformation project seeking to replace the current financial management, supply chain and asset management systems used across the public health system. I have experience in legal interpretation, policy development, strategic planning, risk management and government procurement; all of which have some application to the school environment.

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