Annual Report

Woodvale Primary School

We are pleased to present Woodvale Primary School’s Annual Report: a summary of our school’s achievements, programs and activities over the past 12 months. In this report, we provide performance indicators in academic and non-academic areas and outline progress made toward the implementation of key strategies of our 2020 2022 Business Plan. Whilst the annual report provides a wide range of information, it is a snap shot in time and should be viewed alongside our website updates, parent information sessions and interviews, individual classroom communication, our Learning Journey, P & C and Board meetings. Our 2021 results saw some excellent gains and highlighted areas for development. We continue to review and use systemic and school based information that we collect on student performance to drive our improvement agenda.

In Term 1, the school engaged in a Public School Review process. This process involved Department of Education reviewers conducting an objective verification of the school’s self assessment of performance. The review provided assurance to the community and the Director General of the Department of Education that our school met the commitments outlined in the Delivery and Performance Agreement and Business Plan. We were pleased with the validation of our school’s programs and processes that the review provided. The full review can be found on our website.

It would not be a true reflection of the year 2021 if I did not mention Covid. Term 2 saw a decline in student attendance as Covid outbreaks were close to Woodvale. Our school community was cautious with many families choosing to stay at home in the last two weeks of term. In Term 3, Covid Guidelines were developed to ensure continuity of learning should students be at home. Our teachers worked together to prepare online lessons and gather resources to send home with our students as needs arose. The school remained open for business as usual. A priority of school operations were social distancing protocols, increased cleaning routines and improved personal hygiene practices.

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