Vision & Values

Woodvale Primary School

We will provide a safe, caring and stimulating learning environment where all of our students are supported and challenged to become independent and successful learners. 

We will recognise and value their efforts, progress and successes in their pursuit of individual excellence.

Our Values

Our school community have selected the following four values which are integrated into all areas of our school’s operations.

Respect: Concern for the wellbeing of other peo-ple and respect for life and property. Each student is encouraged to be respectful of the rights of others and to find constructive ways of managing conflict. This includes the right to learn in a friendly learning environment.

Honesty and Trustworthiness: To be honest, sincere and seek the truth.

Responsibility: To be answerable and responsible for behaviour and for learning

Kindness and Consideration: To help, show concern and be friendly to others

Our Beliefs

Students succeed best when education is viewed as a shared responsibility between home and school.  At Woodvale Primary we believe:

  • that high expectations will promote high standards.
  • that best practice in teaching should be common practice in all classrooms.
  • real-life, purposeful learning is best achieved through well planned, explicit teaching.
  • students learn best when they are fully engaged in the learning process and highly accountable for their own achievement.
  • in developing independent learners.
  • learning is life-long and is achieved through commitment and resilience.
  • in catering for individual needs through the differentiation of curriculum.
  • positive behaviour is learnt best through positive, respectful relationships that will enable every-one to feel safe, valued and supported.
  • in supporting all community members (staff, students, parents) to achieve their best through reflective practice and collaboration.

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Any absences need to be advised to the school. Please contact the school if your child will be absent by SMS to 0437 058 031