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Science has become such an integral part of everyday experience that a comprehensive knowledge of Science has become more necessary for people to be able to understand the world around them.

This knowledge enables us to make informed decisions about a wide range of everyday activities. Science is in the forefront of new medical and technological development as well as investigating new and innovative ways to minimise our carbon footprint.

Woodvale Primary School has an innovative and exciting science program. It seeks to build on students’ natural curiosity, nurture their sense of wonder and develop their passion for exploring how the world works. The science content includes the three strands of Science Understanding, Science Inquiry Skills and Science as a Human Endeavour. The three strands of the curriculum are interrelated and their content is taught in an integrated way. Learning and investigations are carried out within the four science understandings. Science is taught from Pre Primary to Year 6 and is underpinned by the Primary Connections Program although this is not the only resources that we use.  This program is an initiative of the Australian Academy of Science, which links the teaching of science with the teaching of literacy.

Science at Woodvale Primary aims to:

  • generate an interest in science
  • develop an understanding .
  •  promote an understanding of the nature of scientific inquiry and the ability to use a range of scientific inquiry methods
  • expand an ability to communicate scientific understanding and findings to a range of audiences.
  • nurture an ability to solve problems and make informed, evidence-based decisions support an understanding of historical and cultural contributions to science
  • provide a solid foundation of knowledge of the biological, chemical, physical, Earth and space sciences and to appreciate the dynamic nature of science knowledge.

The Western Australian Curriculum: Science has three interrelated strands: Science Understanding, Science as a Human Endeavour and Science Inquiry Skills.

Together, the three strands of the science curriculum provide students with understanding, knowledge and skills through which they can develop a scientific view of the world. Students are challenged to explore science, its concepts, nature and uses through clearly described inquiry processes.The content in the Science Inquiry Skills strand is described in two-year bands. There are five sub-strands of Science Inquiry Skills.

These are:

  • Questioning and predicting.
  • Planning and conducting.
  • Processing and analysing data and information.
  • Evaluating.
  • Communicating.

The Science Department also integrates STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) ideas, projects and activities in its courses as STEM is an Education Department and school focus.

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