Term Dates / School Hours

Woodvale Primary School

School Hours Kindergarten to Year 6

8.30am - Onwards Children arrive at school

8.45am - 2.55pm Teaching Day


We encourage parents to have students arrive at 8.30am. Supervision before school is limited.

Leaving the school grounds

Children are not permitted to leave the school site without permission from the school and parent. We must know where children are at all times.

Parents or their adult nominees are required to collect children from the classroom for appointments after completing a Leave Pass for Partial Absence from School at the front office. Groups of students going to PEAC or band practice or other school activities must be met by drivers outside the office.

Late entry to school

Children who arrive at school after 8.45am any morning are expected to enter via the school OFFICE and receive a LATE NOTICE. This will stop parents receiving an SMS message indicating the child is not at school.

Security after school - Gates closed 3.15pm

Students are dismissed at 2.55pm. To improve security after school, the school gates will be closed at 3.15pm and the children waiting for parents will be brought to the office area and parents can collect them using the Keatley Crescent gate which will remain open until 3.30pm. We urge parents to be punctual and to pick students up as close to 2.55pm as possible. Administration staff are unable to leave the school until all students have left or been picked up.

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Any absences need to be advised to the school. Please contact the school if your child will be absent by SMS to 0437 058 031